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There are many social media platforms and the world of marketing over social media should not be restricted to Facebook and Twitter only. The key here is to connect find out ideal ones for your business to directly connect with your potential target market and your existing customers. Social media is a global platform and it helps brands and businesses to connect with customers wherever they are; thus enhancing your reach and customer base.

Whether you are a startup business or an established brand, we can help you by regularly updating with right social media marketing for further growth of your business.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing & Management?

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No matter what industry your business belongs to, all the clients today are using social media on a regular basis. The more you engage and connect with your customers, higher chances are for conversions and retention. Social media is a wonderful opportunity for you to remain in continuous connection with your clients.



People now look on internet and social media when they need a particular product or service. There are always people looking for you or other companies offering those products and services. Your active presence on social media thus enhancing your chances of being considered for a purchase and would generate more leads for you.


Social Media HAS A WORD

People pay keep attention to what other customers are talking about your company, brand, product or service. Active social media presence, prompt and genuine responses to concerns and appreciations would be valued by your customers and would prove positive for your business growth and overall brand image.

Business owners and marketing managers are often so much involved in carrying out basics functions that they do not get time to manage social media channels for their business. Hire our services for your effective social media marketing and management that would help achieve and excel your goal.

  •  Enhanced understanding of your market and customers.
  •  Powerful content sharing platform.
  •  Makes you a key influencers in your marketplace.
  •  Enhances traffic, generates leads and increases sales.
  •  Helps in gaining higher SEO ranking.
  •  Cost effective.
  •  Effective targeted marketing.
  •  Broadens your market and customer base.
  •  Quick feedbacks.

Advent Interactive Offers

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We believe in understanding end goals and then in turn develop a result-oriented social media marketing strategy that would help in achieving those goals. We are here to help even those who have a marketing team in-house and need support and guidance for strengthening their social presence. If you wish for us to develop and build your social media presence from scratch, we can help you attain that goal too.


Brand Awareness & MANAGEMENT

Advent Interactive social media development team helps businesses and brands in finding and securing usernames for their profiles across different social media channels that are most appropriate for their businesses. We make all efforts to make our brand presence appreciable by your customers.


Social Ads PPC

Social ads are another successful way of improving your presence over social media. These ads also work well for introducing your new product and enhancing interest among audiences. These ads can be placed on varied social media platforms such as Twitter accounts/trends, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or others.



With social media monitoring, Advent Interactive keeps you well ahead of the conversation and identifies areas where you need to address to. Whether it is a positive praise or a concern or a negative remark, you are always kept well aware of who is talking about your brand, what are they saying and what they think about your business/brand?


Voice & TONE

The way your brand speaks over social media makes a dramatic difference. Using right voice, right tone and right selection of words would be your basis for success of your business through social media platforms.


Advent Interactive PR

Advent Interactive has close contacts with many leading bloggers, publishers, journalists and other influencers. With proper PR strategies, we help take your website content to a level of coverage that it truly deserves to get.